Patent Proofreading

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Highly qualified and well informed team consisting of PhDs, Masters, Engineers, former patent examiners, and patent agents with over 500 years of collective work experience.
Our methodical, eight-step approach brings to your attention everything that is incorrect or missing in your patent.
Our patent review process has its roots and high standards in our decades-long experience in dealing with patent file histories, often with highly cross-linked amendments and office actions.
We provide a certificate of correction that is ready to submit to the USPTO.
Top IP support services company serving a majority of the Am Law 500 firms and Fortune 500 companies.
We use proven methodologies to read your patent with the greatest level of ease and thoroughness. Our proofreading team’s amalgamated proficiency in patent law, science, and technology has allowed us to master the art of reading patent file histories and related documents.
At any point in time, we can handle the proofreading of a single patent or multiple patents for you, or we can partner with you in searching and proofreading all your issued patents and published applications monthly or quarterly.

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