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    Deep Expertise and Client Focus
    In-house counsel rely on Legal Advantage to help protect the company’s intellectual property, product lines, and brand.
    Law Firms
    Legal Advantage delivers results on time and ready for use by attorneys managing multiple IP clients with 24/7 demands.
    Legal Advantage looks for opportunities to help students of patent law in university programs that drive innovation in a rapidly evolving world.
    Quality Searching & Support from a TRUSTED SOURCE
    Our Clients
    mccarter and english
    Thank you for the great drawings. Always a pleasure working with you and knowing the end result will be of a high quality.
    - Vadim Cherkasov
    These are great search results, "head and shoulders above other firms"
    - Patricia P. Werschulz
    fish and richardson pc
    Perfect. Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty on this one.
    - Kenneth Darby
    ja lindeman and co
    We were pleased with the search that Legal Advantage performed in support of an accelerated US application. The petition to make special in that application was granted by the USPTO without any problems
    - Stephen C Bellum
    I’m so pleased with Legal Advantage’s work. These drawings look perfect to me. I think the figures were accurately portrayed.
    - Marjorie Jarvis
    hojka qadeer
    Thank you! That seems to be a record turnaround. Please send the invoice when it is ready.
    - Umair A. Qadeer
    barnes and thorneburg
    I am really pleased with the support and output you guys have been providing us lately.
    - John Routon
    fish and richardson pc
    Many thanks for the draft! I am pretty sure it is great as it is.
    - Sarah Harrison-Schmidt
    These drawings are fantastic-no changes needed. Thank you in your absolute responsiveness to multiple additions to the drawings requested.
    - Marjorie Jarvis
    Thank you very much for the update…most-excellent, you really worked a miracle on these images!
    - Ruth Stephens
    collen ip
    Hi, just wanted to express my gratitude for the awesome work done on my Image Conversions...your Team ROCKS! --Thank you very much.
    - Don Ranft
    Thank you so much. These look awesome! Exactly what we needed. We very much appreciate the quick turnaround.
    - Michele Owens
    fish and richardson pc
    WOW! These are awesome, thanks! I'll send back with reference numerals some time next week. But yeah, this looks great!
    - Rick Bisenius
    mccarter and english
    In my experience, this has been very pleasant, and your turn around time is absolutely fantastic. Again, thank you very much.
    - Jared B. Howenstine
    mccarter and english
    The first draft of this matter that you and your team provided was amazing. I couldn’t believe that you were able to provide such a high quality draft in such a short amount of time.
    - Timothy Homlish
    barnes and thorneburg
    Thank you for working with us on this. We greatly appreciate all of the hard work Legal Advantage has provided over the years.
    - Brian Jarman
    mccarter and english
    First, let me just say it’s always a pleasure working with you. The drawings always look great and you manage to make my scribbles/sketches look like the real thing. So I really appreciate your efforts, especially on these rush jobs.
    - Vadim Cherkasov
    mandelbaum salsburg
    Thanks, After the quick turnaround and excellent work product we received on our first request for formal drawings, I convinced our team to use Legal Advantage for our patent illustration needs moving forward.
    - Michael Kochka
    quarles and brady
    Thank you for the awesome support yesterday and over the weekend. We managed to get all the applications filed last night.
    - Joseph Markell

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